State of the Blockchain Report Q2 2017 Shows Record Quarter

State of Blockchain Q2 2017

CoinDesk issued a State of Blockchain Report today for 2nd Quarter 2017, and to no one’s surprise who’s been paying attention, it was a record quarter. Some highlights include:

  • Cryptocurrencies hit all-time-high valuations.
  • ICOs emerge as an industry force.
  • The asset class diversifies / Bitcoin’s total dominance wanes.

The biggest news for investors is that the total market value of Blockchain tokens skyrocketed 4x to an all-time high above $100 billion from $25 billion the previous quarter.

cryptocurrency total market cap

ICO’s: The supply of new tokens exploded and crowd funding and investment returns caught the eyes of the financial investment industry. ICOs were in fact much more successful than traditional VC funding in the Blockchain industry. You can see the explosion and keep track of ICOs with Coindesk’s handy tool:

ICO Tracker Tool

You can see the entire Q2 2017 report here in .pdf format:


Whaddya think?